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One hundred years ago my grandfather was buried here, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. 

During the renovation of his grave, a tree seed trickled down the plaster and landed inside the grave. A while later, the tree burst out from the heart of the grave, cracking it’s stone. 


The project focused on the concept of deconstruction and reassembly that result from the convergence of nature, chemistry, and outer space.


I recreated my grabdfather’s grave in its original size from the same heavy, powerful lava stone (which was revealed to be a magnetizing substance).

Along with a professor who specializes in the research of crystals, I worked in a laboratory and created blue crystals that grew around and finally wrapped the lava stone. The same method of covering graves in blue crystal was used in ancient times in order to disorient the devil and blur the border between heaven and earth. 


The tombstone was created from a Perspex cylinder. 

Using the magnitazation effect of the lava stone and the sulphate bronze crystals, I crafted an axis that turned the tombstone at an irregular pace.

2015 - BA, curator: Dor Guez

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