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While working on investigating and looking for my roots of ancestry, inner values and vision probing and searching for geographic scenery to connect to, I found that one of the predominant elements is the basalt stone with its variety of properties which I chose to work out and incorporate in my project to achieve result in change factors growth and movement, that as a result counter necessitate man as an operator of these elements.


My photographic documentation continues while working on other projects and objects, thus allowing me to create new and magic reality of my own through my reaction to an object, by adding or subtracting, burring or transferring the object to a totally new environment and creating a new one.


In my graduation final project for "Bezalel" I am following the evolution and change of my great-grandfather's grave, located in the ancient cemetery in the city of Tiberius. As a result of the renovation and renewal that the tombstone has had, a seed of  Tamarisk tree flourished into a grown tree straight from the tomb itself, its roots are deep and strong, creating cracks in the tombstone that are constantly evolving in tandem with the growth of the tree.


The tombstone size is 1.60 m X 57 cm, on which I placed a tube of Plexiglass that moves on its axis, and I grew crystals of copper sulfate cobalt blue color.


My "Tombstone" final project is recreating translation and re-creation of the exact procedure of change.

Technique: Installation, Digital Printing.

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